I've written children's books and adult gift books, original music and lyrics, voice scripts, rhyming verse, stories for licensed characters and stories for original characters. I've also worked on books as an editor. To date, I've written twelve books that have been published and edited three.

See the books that I've written below.


Peanuts Presents: The Very First Christmas

Batman and the Funhouse Jewelry Heist

Minnie's Surprise Bow-Nanza

Batman and <Sebastian> Save Gotham City!

Batgirl and the Plants of Peril

  Batgirl: To Catch a Cat Burglar

Batgirl: To Catch a Cat Burglar

There's Snow Time Like Cookie Time!

Maddie's Midnight Mash!

Blessed By You

You're My Hero, Dad

A Jumbled Justice League

Streaky's Su-Purr Day